Hong Kong used to enjoy a great deal of local autonomy from mainland China. It was a bastion of democracy (the rule of the people by the people). But Chinese imperialism would not tolerate that kind of freedom.

In America we take for granted that we live in a democracy…

For Greater Democracy

I would like to ask the people of Seattle and more particularly those who are running for an office how they feel about simplifying the requirements for putting petitions on the ballot. Some 20,000 signatures are required today. How about reducing that number to 4,000 or 5,000?

Subject: In Favor of Greater Democracy

Dear Mayor Durkan:

In this email I will make two suggestions in favor of introducing greater democracy in the way Seattle is governed.

Introduction. The two legs of democracy.

1 — The first leg is well known. All our elected officials are elected by…


Born in Syria. Grew up in Lebanon. Spent 18 years in the Jesuit Order. Quit and got married. Retired in Seattle.

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