How does the Supreme Court find in the Constitution what is not in it?

1 min readJun 3, 2022


This has always been a mystery to me.

Let’s take abortion as an example

The word “abortion” does not exist in the text of the Constitution. The framers of the Constitution worried about slavery, not about abortion. Abortion became an important issue in the twentieth century. Now in Roe v Wade the Supreme Court decided that abortion was constitutional. But today it is about to reverse itself. Is the Supreme Court like a weathervane that is guided by the prevailing political winds?

When truth and justice are politicized, we should take what is happening with a grain of salt. Do you recall the story of the Wizard of Oz? As long as he was hiding behind his veil, he was feared and worshipped. But when he was exposed, he became a pariah. Perhaps something similar is happening today to the Supreme Court. It can no longer hides behind the veil of magic. Their black robes do not shield them from human vulnerability.

What is wrong with learning to live without the magic of our federal and state supreme courts?


Born in Syria. Grew up in Lebanon. Spent 18 years in the Jesuit Order. Quit and got married. Retired in Seattle.