One Country, Many Systems.

2 min readNov 20, 2022

This is already happening with what pertains to abortion. In some states abortion is severely restricted. In other states, it is practically available on demand.

If the Federal Government is no longer competent to make nation-wide laws about abortion (as the Supreme Court has implicitly admitted), this means that the centralized system is no longer acceptable to a large number of states and people.

This is the beginning of a movement that will affect many other questions that have become controversial, and about which no consensus can be reached. Thus some states might decide to declare the Second Amendment obsolete and establish a strict control of arms in their territory. Other states will continue to worship the Second Amendment.

The Constitution gives too mush power to the Federal Government at the expense of the states. The result is that, after the Civil War, the states became in relation to the federal government what the colonies used to be in relation to the King. America moved from being under British imperialism to fall under federal imperialism. A new revolution is needed.

Today we are in a civil-war logic. In order to avoid the nonsense of another civil war, common sense prescribes greater freedom in the way the states handle their local affairs.

In the Gospel, John the Baptizer said this about Jesus, “He must increase, and I must decrease.” The same logic applies today to the federal government. It must decrease and the states must increase. This will introduce a political system that reflects the situation on the ground. Let’s be realistic and put an end to the perpetual abuse according to which, when the Democrats are in power, the Republicans are in hell, and when the Republicans are in power the Democrats are in hell. This nonsense cannot be sustained. The time has come to allow the Union to survive thanks to the tolerance of different systems. We must invent a new way of being American. I encourage the blue states to follow the lead of the red states and assert their right to greater autonomy from the federal government.

Political ideology has become the opium of America. Let those who can understand understand.


Born in Syria. Grew up in Lebanon. Spent 18 years in the Jesuit Order. Quit and got married. Retired in Seattle.